Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge
"Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge"
"Stilt Sandpiper"
The River "S" Unit of the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge has a 4.2-mile auto tour route and 1.5-mile seasonal hiking trail. The Carty Unit has miles of trails including a 2-mile "Oaks to Wetlands" trail. A pair of binoculars is a must and a camera makes it even more fun !!!

The Stilt Sandpiper is considered an "accidental" bird visiting the Refuge ... this particular bird was first seen in mid-month August and stayed a few days ... my only viewing was early morning from the blind looking across Rest Lake ... my digiscoping images aren't the best, but provides documentation.

The following are images captured of the Stilt Sandpiper, arranged monthly. Also link out to the "Trip Logs" to see more images of various birds, wildflowers, and wildlife seen each day.

August 22, 2012 ... August 22, 2012, Trip Log

Image, 2012, Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, click to enlarge
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Digiscoped image, Stilt Sandpiper, on Rest Lake. Overcast morning with the sun starting to break through. Digiscoped with a Nikon Field Scope 50 and Canon S95, both zoomed out as far as they can go. Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, Washington, River "S" Unit. Image taken, August 22, 2012.

August 2012